• Arch of Augustus

    Largo Giulio Cesare .

    The Arch of Augustus at Rimini was dedicated to the Emperor Augustus by the Roman Senate in 27 BC
    and is the oldest Roman arch which survives.
    It signaled the end of the via Flaminia, which connected the cities of Romagna to Rome, and spans the
    modern Corso d'Augusto (the ancient decumanus maximus), which led to the beginning of another
    road, the via Emilia
    , which ran northwest to Piacenza.

  • Piazza Giulio Cesare

    Piazza 3 martiri .

    Il luogo dove Giulio Cesare arringò alle sue truppe il superamento del Rubicone.

  • Domus of the Surgeon

    Luigi Ferrari square, Rimini .

    The Domus of the Surgeon is a Roman house of the second half of the II century, discovered in Rimini in Piazza Luigi Ferrari in 1989, and open to the public on 7 December 2007.

    The surgical instruments found in Rimini represent today the richest surgical collection in the world,
    for variety and number of objects: in fact, it is about 150 pieces used to intervene on wounds and bone
    traumas, plus a series of jars used for the preparation and the storage of medicines.

    Various surgical instruments, probes, tweezers, dental pincers, orthopedic levers, a mobile-arm drill and various irons used to export urinary stones stand out in the surgical set.

    The type of surgical instruments indicates that the Rimini surgeon specialized in the military medical profession.

  • Bridge of Tiberius

    Viale Tiberio - Rimini .


  • International airport "Federico Fellini"

    Via Flaminia, 409, 47924 Miramare, Rimini RN .

    Arrivi e partenze nazionali ed internazionali
    Dall'aeroporto sono previsti collegamenti internazionali, voli low cost, charter per tutta Europa, incluso Russia e paesi dell'Est.

    Tra le rotte proposte nel 2018: Yerevan, Tallinn, Mosca, Lussemburgo, Varsavia, Lourdes, Londra, Tirana, Kaunas, Varsavia, San Pietroburgo, Minsk, Krasnodar, Helsinki.

    Da fine marzo a fine ottobre con la compagnia aerea Ural. Da maggio a ottobre un' altra destinazione sarà San Pietroburgo.
    Inoltre, da marzo 2018 con la compagnia aerea Ryanair, ci saranno voli per l'aereoporto Stansted di Londra.

  • Rimini Fiera

    Via Emilia, 155, 47921 Rimini RN .

    Rimini Fiera has traded with a primary role on the domestic and international markets for over 60 years.

  • Crossing the Rubicon

    Via Matteotti 1, Savignano Sul Rubicone, Emilia-Romagna .

    This small bridge is probably known all over the world.
    On January 10 of 49 BC this little bridge saw Caesar and his troops crossing him in direction of Ariminum (Rimini) where in square Giulio Cesare he camped and harangues to his troops when pronounced the famous phrase "Alea jacta est" (The die is cast)

  • Malatesta Temple

    via IV Novembre, n. 35 - Rimini .

    Work of Leon Battista Alberti, preserves the Crucifix by Giotto and a fresco by Piero della Francesca

  • Fortress of San Leo

    Via Dei Cacciatori, San Leo RIMINI .

    The Romans fully understood the defence potential of this enchanting rocky peak and built a fortification on the top of the mountain. In the Middle Ages, the fortress was strenuously fought for by the Byzantines, the Goths, the Franks and the Lombards.
    Berengar II, the last Lombard king of Italy, was besieged by Otto I of Germany right in San Leo, between 961 and 963 AD. During those three years the town was the capital city of Italy.